Bullying and Self-Harm – Anonymous

The question: Hi i saw that you said to post whatever my mind wonders about and i really need someone to talk to. i get bullied a lot for my looks and my scars cuz i cut and the bullying just makes me do it more it is like an endless circle any advise for me please

Dear Anonymous,

I know exactly how you feel from experience. This is such a deep, personal topic, but here on Abandoned Lyrics, we can be free to speak of what we need to. This is one of those questions that conjures up so many memories of my younger days, coincidentally for the same exact thing; my looks.

Growing up, though, I realized no one can bully me without my consent. Why should you value their opinion? Because you show that you actually care and let it get to you, the bullies will just keep going at it. In life, we have to appreciate ourselves for being different. Everyone is human, everyone. Love the person you are and look at all the great things about you. Your friends obviously find something that is amazing about you which is why they are your friends. Just think positive and find your confidence. Learn to smile more and not care about what people think. When you have that confidence, it shows and makes you untouchable. You are the only person whose opinion matters when it comes to yourself. They are only obstacles in the way of achieving your goal. Just focus on that bigger goal in your mind, reach for it and push all that blocks you from reaching it, away.

As for self harm, I have also been down that road and I am a recovered self-harmer. Recovering from that takes time and dedication to yourself, not anyone else. Focus on what makes you happy. You are beautiful and some day, you will soar. When that time comes, your bullies will probably be the ones working for YOU. Step one is to get rid of the blade. Don’t think about it, just do it. Then think of what you want in the future. I always think, would I want my future child to ask what these scars are? To think it is okay to hurt themself? No, I don’t and I hope you don’t either.

The scars you already have.. Let them be and let them heal. Those are your battle scars. It might be a reminder of what you been through, but they are also reminders that you are not that person anymore and you can stand up alone without depending on the blade for comfort.

YOU are beautiful.

YOU control your life.

YOU are priceless.

Find your confidence, it is your secret weapon. Use it and you will shine.

I hope you keep in touch and update me on how you are doing. I would really love to know.

-Abandoned Lyrics.



One thought on “Bullying and Self-Harm – Anonymous

  1. Hi im the one that sent the question thank u for replying . Your post is somethin i kept coming back to all day and i know its not easy but i am really going to try fo be more positive. I already threw my blade away

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