In no way, shape, or form, am I  a professional on this topic. But I can definitely say, I am one of those few people who have kept bettas for longer than a month.

I’d like to start off saying that bettas are the most adorable fish I’ve ever had, not to mention beautiful. Each really has their own personality. I mean, I’ve seen some animal lovers who say their pets have a personality when sometimes, I really cannot tell the difference between theirs and the next. You will never find a betta that will behave the exact same way as another.

I really would recommend these guys to first time pet keepers to teach them the extent some pet owners have to go in order to care for their pets.

What you will need for your betta.

1. A 2.5 gallon tank minimum

Some people say that bettas need a 5 gallon or 10 gallon tank to thrive. I find this to be misleading. I find that a 2.5 gallon tank is plenty of space for this fish. Keep in mind, they are loners. I am not saying it is impossible for bettas to live with others but it is highly recommended that they live on their own. However, if you do plan on putting other fish, make sure you go for a bigger sized tank.  Remember, I said 2.5 gallon minimum. I made the mistake of listening to the people in the pet store. They are really out to sell you the animal more than providing you the proper directions in caring the creature. The bowls or cups you buy these beautiful fish in are not suitable.

2. A heater

Bettas are tropical fish and so they belong at a temperature of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It can go to 80..maybe 82.. but the heater is recommended so that the temperature can remain constant. Changing environments can stress out the fish. Most people skip the heater.. Sure, your fish will survive, but it won’t thrive.  Please do not skip this unless the room temperature is constant. Nights can bring colder temperatures. Thermometers for tanks are only a few dollars, so be sure to invest in one.

3.  Filter.

A filter for your tank will be beneficial, especially if you have a bigger tank. It will mean less water changes on you. However, for smaller tanks without a filter, you will definitely have to do water changes more often. So many people will disagree with me but I say once every two weeks if you’ve got a medium sized critter keeper.. Depends on your fish. I have a betta, Elmo, who gets swollen.. almost like swimbladder but not really when I do water changes. I made sure the water temperature is the same, and that the dechlorinator has been in the water for at least fifteen minutes. I put it in gently as possible to avoid stressing him out. Even to these extents, I foudn that he puffed up. That was when I did 75% changes once a week. Once in two weeks, a 50% change, the problem has faded.. Anyway, another thing with filters is that you should keep it on low. Bettas aren’t great swimmers with that beautiful tail.

4. Lighting

Since its not good to keep your tank in direct sunlight, I keep mine where it can be lit by the natural light but still not be hit directly. Don’t want the algae. If you have live plants, the lighting will be beneficial. Just be sure to keep track of the hours. Bettas need day and night too.

I’ll continue this post if anyone has questions.

Check out my Q&A. Post the question there and I will get to it. If it is concerning bettas, I’ll forward you back to this post where I’ll answer your question. But don’t worry, I’ll reply in that section too.

Happy petkeeping! 😀


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