God and the News

Just a warning: This is mostly a rant fueled by Fox News. Just had to get the thought out before the fire in me extinguishes.

So while I had the couple of moments to myself, I decided that I would scroll down my news feed on Facebook. Since I was still in public school, I’ve been watching Fox News. I just loved the energy and vibe they gave to my mornings. I mean, I got the information I needed and a smile. What more could I ask for? But as the years passed on and I got more educated, I noticed their flaws. Perhaps it is my idea of what a news channel should be that spurred my rant or am I justified?

I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the anchors of Fox News would slip in their opinions between giving the stories. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if it is a news station, I believe it should be purely based on fact and remain completely unbiased. That being said, Fox News invited a guest host who happened to be a pastor. I’m sure he is a wonderful man and his message was truly delightful, but he was being asked questions about God. ..Wait what?

Before I go on, I’d like to include that I am a believer in God. I am not of the Christian faith but I believe that all the gods of any religion.. Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. is one. However, in respect to those who do not believe there is a God, there should be none of the sort mentioned in this country. Sure, many people are of the Christian faith, however, it does not give a justifiable reason as to why their beliefs are not respected. It is easy to say ,”Change the channel,” something I was told when I commented on that post but changing the channel does not solve the issue. Some argued that it was uplifting to see that as opposed to the violent stories told. The same uplifting message can be delivered without mentioning a God. There are so many topics, so many moments throughout the country that take place which can easily bring a smile to anyone’s face. Using religion as a means to bring a smile, in the news specifically, is simply not an excuse.

Though I batted their responses away for hours, eventually I quieted down and decided to finish the argument at Abandoned Lyrics. I realized how closed minded much of the population is.. How the ways of a previous society are drilled into their minds. They so easily forget that though the United States was based upon a document mentioning religion, times have changed. Our forefathers did not foresee the current world and so, did not tailor the founding documents to suit our needs. That is not an excuse.

And yet another dare blamed the lack of religion in school to the crime and violence that takes place in society today. There is a reason those ways have faded. I did not even bother gifting a reply to such a fool. Perhaps it can be argued, but using that to argue the fact that God is mentioned in the news? Really? 

Perhaps I am troubled by this because I believe the United States is a place that encourages the destruction of prejudice. Fox News station became more of a talk show than a news station to me. You’ve lost a viewer. 

So in the end, I may get more crap for my thoughts here, again because of the closed mindedness of much of the population, but screw it. At least these lyrics won’t be abandoned.


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