Delirium Series Ending – WTF?!

Now that the spring semester is over (Thank God!), I’ve been looking for ways to have fun while focusing on me. So.. I found my home again.. with books.

Technically not with books.. iBooks. So hard to get the real thing these days.

Anyway. I needed a series. Something that would pull me in so that I can get lost for hours, like I used to. Then I found the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver.

Alright, let me just take a moment to say SPOILER ALERT. Do not read any further if you have not read the books.. This may funsuck reading it for you.

I was never into the whole dystopian society type of thing like other novels have it portrayed. Usually filled with extreme violence and gory scenes that would go on for ages, not that I mind any of that stuff. But the idea that love would be considered a disease. That is definitely intriguing. Of course after reading the first few chapters, the storyline was a bit predictable. Oliver did throw in some twists as the series went on though.

I assumed that Hana would be the one that would go into the Wilds first without Lena.. But turns out, love can make you do stupid shit, yes? Okay so, yadda, yadda, yadda.. the ending of Delirium made my heart shatter. My eyes seriously welled up with tears. Alex is definitely the kind of guy anyone could be attached to. He’s cute..funny.. witty.. that charm.. he reads poetry for God’s sake! Because of this, I really did not want to continue reading the rest of the books. We’re so used to happy endings, but Oliver reminds us that these fairytale endings do not happen..

Though my heart was dead set on the whole Lena and Alex thing, I read on to Pandemonium, skipping the novels in between since they really didn’t exactly have much effect on the main story. In Pandemonium, we witness Lena’s transformation. She used to be the girl afraid to take risks, soft.. But in Pandemonium, she hardens like those living in the Wilds already. Her love for Alex remains.. she convinces herself that he is alive. Because of this she continues to fight for the freedom to love so to speak. One thing I really enjoyed was that Lena was a girl part of the drama but it wasn’t about her necessarily. Unlike Twilight, The Hunger Games, and so on.. the problem exists even without Lena. Anyway, this is the book where Julian is introduced. I was forced to like Julian simply because he did nothing for me to hate him. I really wanted to not like him, but he became the comforter for Lena.. so eventually I backed down.. I just didn’t think Lena would cave in to Julian so fast.. Kinda felt like he was a rebound, y’know? But then the shocking part.. The end of the book where Alex returns.

Requiem was simply my favorite out of all of the books. Of course, there would be a love triangle.. but it was different than others. I expected Alex to be the old Alex.. I automatically thought he would scoop Lena back into his arms and run off into the sunset. I wanted him to fight for her. Shit doesn’t happen like that and so the books became ten times more relatable. I know so many guys in the real world that would react the way Alex did. No one seems to think of the situation from his point of view. He was tortured, and the only thing probably kept him wanting to live and escape the Crypts was his love for Lena.. which is why he even remembers her.. But even after all of that, he comes back finding his girl in the arms of another guy. Of course, he’d be ticked off. I just didn’t think he would take it as far as he did when they actually had that one on one conversation. The words of him saying that he never loved her stung. I even believed that. After that point I was screaming to Lena to jsut move on with Julian. I felt like Alex, would never even get those words out of his mouth if he had even a little feeling for her. The fact that he was “with” Coral was a killer. It showed the true aspects of the behavior of people in a love triangle.

I admit, I skipped over much of Hana’s part because it seemed to drag on. It was good to look into Hana’s mind for a bit to see her true feelings towards Lena and her reaction to seeing Lena with Alex. Dropping the bomb of her snitching really wasn’t much of a surprise. There always is a traitor when it comes to stories like this and Hana isn’t the only traitor in the books, anyway.

The WTF part. The ending. So much time was spent on elevating and drawing interest to the romance.. or lack of between Alex and Lena. Knowing the two, there was that tension, pining for one another. All of those emotions seemed to be trapped in this bag.. and it was weighing down.. and down.. and down.. I expected that bag to pop.. I needed it to pop so all of that energy will explode. Instead that bag sagged and just ended up on the floor. A simple peck. That was it.

I have heard no rumors of another book coming out, though I really.. REALLY wish it was. I feel like I have some type of disorder when it comes to things like cliffhangers. I feel like so much needed to be said.. not just between Alex and Lena but with the main story. I wanted the peace. I feel like I’m still holding my breath. The books played so much with my imagination that I cannot predict a proper ending myself. So many questions remain unanswered.

Le Sigh.

I’ll be taking any recommendations for other novels. Trying to find others. The help would be greatly appreciated.


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