TMI – Progress…or not?

My amazing followers,

I’ve been missing you..partially the reason I’ve returned. But I’ve taken time away from basically every “normal” part of my life to focus on me, more importantly, my health. This is something that has been plummeting throughout the years, only getting worse as I get older. Like almost every other person out there, you make the goal to do something… then simply don’t. At this point in time, it seems to be more of a bandwagon type of thing to get healthy. Every social networking site has a portion dedicated to those starting their journey to fitness, so it’s easy to say “If they can do it, so can I.” I’ve filled my mind with all these methods, the encouragement to get up off my ass and do something, and for once in my life, I have. And so my journey started.

I found juicing.. well smoothieing? Using smoothies as a meal replacement worked so much better for me than just constantly reading labels, which honestly, isn’t my thing. Getting the nutrition from that, instead of whatever my grandmother makes is definitely much better. Aye, I still have my junk days, though. Just so I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself of anything, y’know? It was easy to follow for the first two weeks. I mean, I have this thing where I don’t feel hungry.. almost ever. I have to force myself to eat. In fact, it’s usually my grandma that forces me to eat. She’s actually the reminder that I have to keep my portion sizes on point when I eat. God forbid my grandmother ever take out food for me again.. It’s literally about two and a half servings of food in one sitting. Her response to my meal replacing smoothies: Is that going to fill you? And the answer was simple. Yes. I didn’t crave anything.. and I was full.

The funny part is that most people drop weight like crazy just cutting out sugary beverages from their diets. I couldn’t even resort to that because all I literally drink is water. Carbonated beverages make my eyes tear up. It feels like acid going down my throat and then leaves this disgusting feeling on my teeth afterwards.

But besides eating right, I had to incorporate exercise into my daily regimen. God that was hell. I signed up for a gym membership because I know that if I’m paying for something, I’m definitely going to want to go. The first day.. holy.. Let me not. Anyway, let’s just say the following three days, I had a hard time moving. In fact, it took the weekend for me to fully heal. But as soon as I could feel my legs again, I was back at it. And I was surprised how much I could push myself, how much easier it became. I proved to myself that if I keep going, I don’t have to see the progress (though that would be nice) to feel better.

Then I went back to a junk day.. which was at a buffet. I remembered going there when I was around ten years old and I able to pull down three plates, with ice cream, no struggle at all. I sat there and had my first. But I’m thinking, I’m going to eat my money’s worth. And went back for a second, but my body simply couldn’t handle it anymore. I struggled through that plate and ended up leaving more than half of it there. Damn, things are really changing.

Now, just before I decided to do this whole thing, I made sure I saved up to buy myself a scale. This could have been a risk because I’ve read the horror stories when people become obsessed with the numbers. And at first, so did I. Everyday after buying the scale I’d hop on once I woke up and then before I went to sleep. That was because I conveniently left it out in the bathroom. Enough was enough so I tucked it away in the closet and honestly, forgot about it.

Two weeks later, after feeling like I could conquer the world, I remembered it was hiding in the closet and so I took it out and hopped on. I don’t want to disclose my weight just as yet.. but I had lost fifteen pounds. Wait, what? Holy hell. People struggle through months to lose that weight. And I did it in two weeks, just from starting to get active and eating right.

But here comes the TMI part and currently where I am at. I’ve amped up the workout since I saw the numbers but then.. I got my period. I’ve been skipping on and off for months. Only for the past few months its seem somewhat regular. And just when I thought the bitch was hiding.. she pops up. Yeah, thanks Mother Nature. Fours days into my period and I gained close to ten pounds back. What…the…hell? So help me out here guys, water weight? Work harder?

I’m kind of bummed now that I’ve seen the number go back up. That moment when there’s a bit of failure and a little hope slips away.

On the other hand, my first fitness goal is not a number. But be able to run a 5k. So. I hopped on another bandwagon and downloaded the Couch to 5K app.. which I’ve heard amazing things about. I’m hoping it works wonders for someone who’s never been a runner.

For those interested, follow for updates. I’m doing this to document my journey. It’s going to happen.


One thought on “TMI – Progress…or not?

  1. I found that when I started exercising and eating right at the same time, I didn’t see the scale budge AT ALL for almost 4 weeks (which, as far as all the research I did, is completely normal). But, I took my measurements as well and had lost 15″ during that time. After my body got used to and started adjusting to my activity and eating habits, the # on the scale started dropping. It’s just… Body science, haha. It makes me feel impatient. And after a few months of weighing and measuring, I’ve personally decided I just won’t do it “that week”. Today I learned not to weigh myself just after it has stopped… Still retaining water. D: I hope some of that helps!

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